Maximum profitability 

High performance brushes made by RSA are characterized by an excellent price-performance-ratio. Very long lifetimes and consistently good, reproducible processing results stand for maximum profitability.

High density

A RSA high performance brush of 250 mm diameter and 60 mm width consists of approx. 50.000 wires. This means that 150 million sharp wire tips have contact with the work piece at a rotational speed of 3.000r/min and reliably machine the burr.

High rotational speed  

Rotational speeds of up to 45 m/s can be achieved with RSA high performance brushes. These are necessary to use steel wire brushes as exact industry tools. For one, the brush wires align radially due to the high centrifugal force, so that only the tips of the wire are used, on the other hand high work speeds are achieved which reduces the duration of the processing times.

Safety holder  

High rotational speeds require a special brush construction with safety holders for the wire. The wires of the RSA high performance brushes are anchored safely in a special holder. Centrifugal force tests have shown that no wires come loose even at more than double the intended rotational speed.

Lifelong rotation   

RSA high performance brushes are constructed and produced so that they have an ideal radial run-out during their entire lifetime and do not have to be balanced with additional work. This spares the drives and saves time.

Brush for RASAPLAN
Brush for TURNAMAT
Cup Brush