There is a wide range of selection of bristles for RSA brushes, among them special wire made of steel for steel processing, rustfree steel wire for stainless steel processing, grinding nylon for non-ferrous metals and plastic bonded special wire made of steel or rustfree steel wire for sheet metal edges.   

In general, one can say: The more sensitive the work piece is, the thinner the wire has to be. Single wires take off material sparingly, corded or knotted wires are less flexible and achieve a high ablation. On plastic-bonded brushes the wire tips only protrude slightly over the plastic mass, work in an exactly defined work area and are thus ideal for rounding straight sheet metal edges. Brushes with grinding nylon have the advantage that not only the tips deburr, but also the sides.  

crimped wires are elastic and support each other, which increases the stability during usage.

Steel wire
Steel wire is used for brushes for deburring and cleaning of metal surfaces and for the removal of paint, scales and corrosion.

Rustfree steel wire
Rustfree steel wire is used where residue of the normal steel wire would scratch the surfaces made of rustfree steel, aluminium and other non-ferrous metals.

Flexible cable – brass-coated steel wire
Known due to its rope construction as flexible cable. This special wire has a high tensile strength and achieves extremely long lifetimes in spite of heavy duty deburring work.

Flexible cable – rustfree steel wire
Due to its rope constructions as a strand the bristles have a high stability and thus, a high ablation performance. Rustfree steel wire is used for working on stainless steel, aluminium and non-ferrous metals.

Knotted wire
A knotted wire is always produced from smooth wires and is harder than a single wire with the same wire diameter. The metal wires are pushed through the round holes of the carrier disc in bundles, grasped with an adequate tool on both sides, and twisted by turning and pulling. This results in very long lifetimes. The brushes wear very slowly and the wires hardly bend. Knotted brushes are aggressive tools for heavy duty cleaning work and for working on large areas. They remove slag, paint, rust and scales. Surfaces of metals are prepared for later coating.

Brass-coated wire
These are single wires, crimped each with high tensile strength that are used for demanding brushing and deburring work.

RASALON is a special coating type made of nylon base material,which receives the desired grinding grain by adding silicium carbide or aluminium oxide.

Naturally hard RSA special wire
RSA developed a naturally hard special wire with a tensile strength of up up 3.000 N/mm2. Due to a special pulling procedure the wire becomes very elastic and is break-proof against intended deformation. The lifetime is significantly longer than standard brushes.

Horsehair is used mainly for light cleaning work and dusting. It does not charge statically.

Fibre is a heat resistant plant fibre and also has grinding characteristics, which is often desired for surface processing on wood. Next to that, fibre is often used for general cleaning and polishing work.

Nylon is a synthetic fibre. It is offered in different compositions that are different regarding temperature resistance, water absorption and chemical consistency.

This material is mainly used for cleaning, brushing and sealing.