The efficient deburring system for notched sheet meal edges

RASAMAX MONO was designed for deburring handy sized sheet metal with notches and contours. The machine's ergonomic shape ensure optimal working conditions. Sheets up to 6 mm thick can quickly and safely be rounded without forming a secondary burr.

RASAMAX MONO is suitable for deburring single pieces and small batches. The user simply guides the sheet along the rotating high performance brush for reliable burr and oxide layer removal. The piece is turned over to machine the top and bottom edge. The process takes just a few seconds. The machine's special design with extended brush drive allows even for very pointy notches to be deburred. 

The sheet to be machined is manually guided along the rotating deburring brush using slight pressure. Yet all corners and angles are deburred without residue. The variable adjustment of the clearance between high performance brush and workpiece guide easily compensates the brush wear. Even deburring results are guaranteed throughout the entire service life. The brush can be changed in just a few steps.