The efficient deburring system for single pieces

RASA MONO is one of RSA's most universal machines. It has proved itself worldwide again and again, in locksmith's shops and railing construction just as with worldwide automotive suppliers. The free-wheel brush makes RASA MONO suitable for a wide range of applications with small and large diameters. 

RASA MONO guarantees reliable deburring of front faces and long sides on tubes, hollow profiles, solid material profiles and sheets of steel, stainless steel and non-fe+B266rrous metals.

Guaranteed evenly deburred workpieces for the entire life of the deburring tool. The clearance between the high performance brush and workpiece rest is variable and compensates for brush wear.

RASA MONO is suitable for tubes and profiles with diameters of up to 90 mm and lengths of 100 mm and up. Available options are the short tube deburring attachment KRV for shorter dimensions, or the sheet deburring attachment BLV for straight sheet edges. Both accessories can be installed within about a minute and without tools. Changing brushes takes less than a minute.

The deburring process doesn't depend on the workpiece shape: Manually turning the workpiece by 360° will simultaneously deburr the inner and outer edges of hollow profiles without producing secondary burs or altering the size.