Stand-alone systems for any profile shape

Our RASAMAT products are ideal for single pieces and small batches. After just a short training period they are easy to operate, even by less skilled personnel.

The RASAMAT 2002 will handle asymmetrical profile shapes or short workpieces. Here the workpiece is fed through an aperture cover which can also be changed over within seconds.

Both modules combine maximum workplace safety with flexibility and ultra short set-up times. Depending on the size of the workpiece deburring takes only one to five seconds per endface. Even with small daily volumes the RASAMAT will cover its investment in less than twelve months.

Specialists in the deburring of difficult workpieces

The RASAMAT system can even be adapted for the deburring of awkward and heavy workpieces.

On a transverse feeding table the workpiece is pneumatically clamped. After the deburring process is started by two-handed release buttons, the table moves the profile along the rotating RASAMAT head. Depending on the cross section, all edges are evenly rounded off in between four to twelve seconds.