RASAFAS is the answer to the demands of product development in the automobile, aircraft, machine and aggregate industries and in many other high-tech areas.

RASAFAS does inside and outside chamfering of tubes as well as facing and outside chamfering of solid bars.Designed as a modular series, RASAFAS offers high output, highest possible precision and reliability as well as short conversion times.

Facing and interior and exterior chamfering are done in one work process, dry.  Advantage of dry cutting: less cleaning. Collecting and removing swarf was also developed under this aspect. The swarf fall directly onto a conveyor and doesn't just drop randomly into the machine. The collection container is outside of the RASAFAS and is easily accessible for emptying.

All conventional tool holders such as the HSK-C-63 or SK40 can be used.

RASAFAS can be integrated into any existing production line and linked to any separator system.