More and more companies are taking their cues from the strict requirements of the automobile industry. They do not accept any shipments of parts outside of their tolerances and demand documentation of test results and proof of process capability (cpk).

As specialist for the demands of production, RSA developed RASACHECK for this very reason: Modular measurement systems that individually measure each work piece and automatically eject rejected parts. 

The length measurement module in the sawing centre immediately and fully automatically ejects every reject part.  If a freely definable maximum number of defective work pieces in sequence is reached, the saw shuts off to prevent further rejects. The measurement module does not need to be set up or calibrated and can be linked into any machine or integrated into any production line.  The measurement data are transferred to any QS-software or documented by the RSA-software and analysed.  The measurement records can be made available as a data file or hard copy. Connection to your company's network is also possible.