The Cleaning System for Bar-Shaped Workpieces

RASACLEAN ET is the optimal solution for tubes, sections and solid bar up to a length of 4,500 mm and with continuous output of up to 8,000 pieces/h. RASACLEAN ET reliably cleans from swarf, cooling lubricants and other contaminants. 

  • Cleans, preserves, rinses
  • High degree of cleaning thanks to four cleaning stages
  • Easily accessible swarf filter– rapid disposal within 60 seconds
  • Large, removable side housings with four quick release fasteners– easy access to all maintenance areas within 60 seconds. 
  • Construction in stainless steel in all wet areas 
  • Cleaner has considerably longer operational life thanks to constant oil skimming 

TURBODRY - Integrated Drying System

TURBODRY is integrated into the RASACLEAN-system and synchronised to the hourly output.

TURBODRY dries tubes, sections and solid bar and effectively protects from corrosion. The cleaned, damp work pieces are dried with a powerful stream of hot air. The high speed of the air stream is generated by an air supply with a high performance blower on the work piece side and a the re-direction of the air on the other.  The condensate flows back to the cleaning stage.