Bundle loader

The bundle loader feeds complete tube bundles to the saw. In this way the saw can operate for a longer period without a manual feeding of the base lengths. All contact surfaces to the workpiece are of plastic or Vulkollan so that the surfaces are protected. It is possible to set the bundle loader to other diameters within a few seconds.

Technical Data
Base lengths mm 6,200 to 12,200 (longer base lengths on request)
Diameter mm from 15 automatic singling of the tubes; optionally from 8 mm additional singling"
Loading kgs 3,000 (optionally 6,000) via crane or for fork lift

Inclined placing magazine

Inclined placing magazines are particularly suitable for large tube diameters or solid bars up to 170 mm. They offer an easy feeding of single bars via crane for small batches and can be expanded with a preceding belt trough. In this way even complete bundles can be processed.

Technical Data
Base lengths mm 6,200 to 12,200 (longer lengths on request)
Diameter mm up to 170
Loading kgs 3,000 (optionally 6,000)

Loading table

A loading table is the space-saving, simple and economical solution for the feeding of single bars for small batches. The bars are easily fed manually, fork lift or crane are not required.

Base lengths up to 6,200 mm can be processed in the standard construction.