Fills Any Container Format

RASAPORT PR is a flexible portal robot that can be adjusted to various container sizes. A gripper with either magnets or suction device picks up tubes from a defined position and transports them across three axes to the specified containers.  The transport speed is so high that the output of upstream machines does not need to be slowed down. 

The container into which the tubes are stacked can be freely defined.  Enter the breadth, height and length of the box. The advantage: In addition to standardised containers such as lattice boxes or Euro-containers, individual frame racking can be loaded.  The control system calculates the optimal load from the work piece data and the dimensions of the container. 

The RASAPORT PR is configured standard for two loading stations. The stacking procedure thus does not need to be interrupted if a filled box is removed. 

Alternatively three loading stations can also be provided: Station 1 for automatic feeding of empty containers, station 2 for the loading and station 3 as pick-up position.

Another plus in terms of flexibility: The system can also form layers that are shorter than gripper length.

Along with easy adjustment to different containers, rapid gripper replacement is a reason fo the low down times and with them the high cost effectiveness of this portal robot.