Determination of the RSA saw performance

With the three software solutions Performance, Cost and Schedule Manager you can now plan and optimize your production. In parallel, the right tools with the right sawing parameters are displayed for the individual orders, thereby optimally exploiting your machine performance capabilities.

With the help of a material database, the software can plan more than 80 different materials and material groups such as carbon steels, austenitic as well as ferritic stainless steels, non-ferrous metals and other freely configurable materials and correctly determine the best production performance. This intuitive software solution can be easily integrated at the customer's site via Ethernet or a universal CSV interface, among other things, and can be expanded to meet individual customer requirements.

By automatically determining the optimum output lengths, companies can minimize offcuts, optimize orders and thus save costs. Since costs and capacities are known in advance, you can avoid errors. You get reproducible results every day. With support of this software, you don't work with assumptions in quoting, because you can determine your costs and capacities beforehand offline on any computer. Tool costs, waste costs, depreciation costs, etc. are taken into account proportionally in the unit cost calculation.

To achieve the best possible profit, RSA recommends using the Performance Manager in combination with the Cost and Schedule Manager.