The universal solution for double-cut sawing

As an innovative basic concept of a universal saw family, this double-cut saw is optimized for high-volume production with minimal set-up times. The RASACUT CC 90-2 is robust, easy to operate and suitable for various applications. The dynamic gripper feed system ensures a high output even in the single cut mode for tubes up to 90 mm diameter. The flexible RASACUT CC 90-2 can be easily integrated with other saw peripherals.

Do you need a universal single cut saw? Then learn about the RASACUT CC 90!


Advantages of the RASACUT CC 90-2

  • Flexible saw for a wide range of applications
  • Suitable for single and double cut
  • Very quick set-up
  • A wide range of applications: small batch and high-volume production
  • Very easy to operate