Your time advantage:


  • Through the use of two feeding grippers, cycle times for stock length changeovers are reduced to zero.
  • Minimal set-up times
  • Saw blade replacement in under 1 minute
  • Central tensioning on work pieces makes it possible to use saw blades with small diameters resulting in reduced run-out so that accuracy is increased and waste material gets reduced.
  • Variable cut speed up to 450 m/min

Your quality advantage:


  • High precision and cut quality thanks to high precision positioning
  • Excellent protection of the surface thanks to coated tools
  • Saw bow feed and work piece travel using servo motors
  • HSS, solid carbide or carbide-tipped saw blades available
  • Integration with subsequent processes through a handling system that is gentle on work pieces

Your cost advantage:


  • Drastic reduction of cut costs through high output and saw blade durability as well as low saw blade costs 
  • Unlike bundle saws, separating the tubes from the crane load and feeding to the saws is fully automatic in the RASCUT XS