The High Performance Saw for Small Diameters

RASACUT XS is the alternative to multiple or bundle cut saws in the manufacture of large-scale batches with diameters of  6 to 50 mm. With the single-cut saw RASACUT XS, you improve your quality, reduce unit costs  and guarantee high part quality.

Areas of application include fuel and brake lines or visible components such as head rest supports. 

An essential advantage lies fully automatic processing sequence. Through the consistent reduction of cycle times, the RASACUT XS achieves output levels in single cut operation that are just as high as multiple or bundle-cut saws, depending on the dimension range, even higher! 

Do you need a multiple cut saw for small diameters? Then learn about the RASACUT MXS


Here's how the RASACUT XS Reduces your Time and Costs

In bundle-cut saws, the tubes are bundled together manually.  The work pieces are manually counted and bundled and fed into the saw. With the RASACUT XS, the tubes are automatically separated and fed via two independent grippers.  This reduces the cycle times for stock length changeovers to a minimum.

After separation, the fixed lengths come apart uncontrolled. Additional logistical effort is required to feed the cut tubes to the next stage in processing, such as deburring– either an automated separator or manually feeding a deburring machine. The RASACUT XS, by comparison, can be modularly expanded into a reliable processing centre.  

Advantages of the RASACUT XS

  • High output of up to 5,000 pcs./h
    • Consistent reduction of all ancillary times
    • Accurate high-speed feeding of the material
    • Low tool costs
    • Possibility of using solid-carbide saw blades
    • No hydraulics
    • Possibility of feeding from coil
    • Optionally: Transfer of fixed lengths with pick & place system